Ensemble Seraphim

Ensemble Seraphim

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Apocalypse glose - Anonymous
F-BNF, MS français 403, f 29r

'The Tales of Bacchus'
A journey into the rediscovery of wine culture in medieval music

During the middle ages, wine was the most consumed beverage. The vineyard was at first cultivated primarily by monks in the monasteries.
Later on, the vineries started to take over in the feudal lands, and its products are largely consumed both for pleasure and necessity.

Wine starts to acquire a double value. In its catholic conception, it is the emblem of life and sacrifice, in men’s daily-life, it becomes the symbol of the liberation from one’s owns concerns.

The great importance assumed by wine, reflects on the huge quantity of poetic and musical works in which wine appears or even plays the leading role. Our travel begins in France with the personification of wine in the figure of Saint Tortuel, leading us to Dufay’s and Binchois’ Flanders, where the wine is elevated to an almost divine dimension. Our route then leads us to Italy exploring its sumptuous noble celebrations and the reappearance of Bacchus, in a paradoxical latin text composed by Loiset Compére.