Ensemble Seraphim

Ensemble Seraphim

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Primavera - minuatre from ‘Theatrum Sanitatis’
Biblioteca Casanatense, Roma.

'The Sound of Spring'

The Sound of Spring  is a program dedicated to the delights of that season. Weaving music and text together to create a rich tapestry of medieval life, this programme celebrates the emergence of  Spring and the relevance and relief this brought about for  medieval man. 
Through the music we can see how much the changing of the seasons had a profound effect on the population, from the humblest peasant to the richest king.
Examples are drawn from far and wide, including Flanders in the north and Cyprus in the sunny south. 

The programme mixes anonymous songs and dances  on the theme of Spring with compositions from the famous medieval masters, including Guillaume de Machaut, Francesco Landini and Guillaume Dufay.